Our Mission at Hard Rock Landscaping is to enhance the
beauty and the value of every customer’s property while going above and beyond expectations every step of the way.

We Promise to deliver.

Competitive pricing
Maintain an image that supports our mission
Maintain professionalism at all times
Maintain high standards and take no shortcuts
Reinvest in equipment, processes, and facilities to keeping growing

Quality Materials

We make it our goal to only use the best material around without breaking the bank to ensure our customers get the best quality per dollar spent.

Quality Employees

We make sure to high qualified employees that way the job is done right and efficiently.

Quality Customer Service

We strive to provide quality customer service to ensure that the customer is satisfied with our service.

Our Services

Law Mowing

We provide a mowing service and can be schedule weekly and billed monthly.


We provide a mulching service using all natural or a dyed mulch of your choosing.


We provide all sorts of different plants and trees.

Mulch Delivery Service

We provide a mulch delivery service for those the would prefer to mulch their own yards and need a way to get the mulch to their houses.

Need one of our Services?

Just call us or schedule a mulch delivery.